Thursday, September 29, 2011

here comes the sun

apartment laundry hanging

I heard a lot of excitement from photographers during that last storm. First time for me to encounter it, and true, you do get a lot of great shots when people aren't in their comfort zones. You know, floods, strong winds, strong rain, your home suddenly having a swimming pool, or actually being in a swimming pool, along with your neighbors.

Today though, that is replaced with the sound of excitement coming from Ate Odet, now that the sun is back, finally, the clothes can be properly dried.


*Neighborhood laundry

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Winds are up

Winds are up

Déjà vu hits us yet again. It's hard to sleep with Typhoon Pedring's strong winds (which we had earlier) and the constant rain, bringing back memories of Ondoy's wrath. Right now I worry, not so much for our own safety, but for those who are more vulnerable because they live or work near the rivers, dams, and oceanfront, with many already being forced to evacuate. Extreme weather seems to be occurring more frequently everywhere in the world, and most of us are still unprepared for the consequences.


*Typhoon Pedring in Quezon City