Sunday, November 28, 2010

Colors of the Night

road 3 corner tandangsora
I see us together in different ways, like in this shot at Road 3, corner Tandang Sora, where shades of blue and red, our favorite colors, mingle in the night.

Yours has the wholesome scene of a corner store with kids, while mine is a bunch of topless men drinking the night away.

Two completely normal street scenes by the way.

Oh, We used to hang out at Tandang Sora a lot. When there was a Wendy's Hamburger joint there, a 24 hour grocery store, and a Lugawan at the corner with five bucks getting you lugaw (rice porridge) with sahog (err, inards?). The tricycle ride from UP to Tandang Sora was something too. The speed, the bumps, and the curves made it your midnight carnival ride.


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