Monday, May 30, 2011

Waiting it out

Waiting it out

You mentioned a triumph over obstacles. Sometimes, I don't sense that "triumph" and see instead how the daily grind of life and survival, of tragedy and heartache, can make a person grow weary. The rains come and go, and the changes -- the urgent changes we need and demand -- are so slow in coming. I took this photo of people stranded at the side of the street, waiting and hoping that the bad weather will soon come to pass. As we try to endure whatever life throws at us, I remember one of the reasons why I felt drawn to photography and how it is, for me, an assertion against this daily grind. How it's a way of documenting what I see, so that I don't forget. And how it's my small, perhaps insignificant, way to remind others of what is around us. What lies beneath the surface. What should be valued. And what should be changed.


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