Wednesday, August 24, 2011



I regret that I've been neglecting our photo dialogue, although the dialogue between us continues in our everyday life. This ebb and flow of creativity and sharing, from the dialogue to personal projects, is part of a rhythm that I'm still learning to master.

Even during "ebbs", the unexpected can happen and I am reminded, for instance, of the illusion of "civilized" society and how behind it lies a deeply-rooted hypocrisy, extremism, and mob-mentality that I can never accept. I realize, as well, that the chance to dialogue -- to openly exchange ideas and have rational discussions -- should not be wasted, even if it is only between the two of us.

Aside from train rides which are conducive to quiet contemplation and reflection, our dialogues (on and off this page) help me process what I observe and discover about our society, with all of its disturbing realities and contradictions, as well as moments of enlightenment and wonder.

And yes, giving context to imagery is like a love supreme. It uplifts and keeps us grounded.


*Taking the LRT 1 in Metro Manila

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