Thursday, May 10, 2012

The spaces in between


I was with you the night you took that photo on the way home to our apartment. It's interesting how so many of our photos are taken during those times in between places, when we are traveling or commuting with a heightened sense of seeing and alertness.

Whether or not such photos -- of the times and spaces in between -- can be deemed documentary or street or whatever label, I'd like to consider them simply as they are: images that speak to a subjective point of view, when one's eye, mind, and heart compel one to click the shutter. Images that not only present a reality at that moment, but also reveal something about the image-maker, particularly how s/he makes sense (or not) of the chaos in the world around us. Images that say something, even if not apparent right away.

I have a set of photos that, to me, speak to the spaces in between. Public, private, physical, historical, and emotional spaces which intersect or act as barriers. Finding that connection is part of an ongoing process for me, and maybe it helps to share these photos and see if they connect with others, like you.


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