Sunday, September 2, 2012

full circle

I came to Quezon City to be with you.

It's actually a full circle thing. I was born in Quezon City, but grew up in Taguig. I studied College at Quezon City, worked at Quezon City, too. I'd also go to Quezon City to do that boyfriend thing.

And now, I live in Quezon City in a little apartment full of books with you.

I miss my travelling days from Taguig to Quezon City though. Here is a documentation of my last travel to the place where I grew up.

dog swimming along mindanao corner road 20c 061712
A dog enjoying the waters at an abandoned lot along Mindanao Avenue corner Road 20.

blind singer at mrt quezon avenue station 061712
A Blind singer at the Quezon Avenue MRT Station.

two girls holding hands 061712
Two girls holding hands along EDSA near Megamall.

crawling vines on concrete wall ortigas01 061712
A vine snaking along a concrete wall also along EDSA near Megamall.

woman sitting at carinderia taguig 061712
A woman in a contemplative mood, oblivious of the vehicles passing by in front of her carinderia along Signal, Taguig.

kid at alfombra shop pateros 061712
A kid trying to open the door of an Alfombra store along Pateros.

lola mom and son at jeep taguig03 061712
Grandma, mother, and sleeping son waiting anxiously for the traffic to move along Pateros.

kid sabit at jeep05 061712
A kid hanging behind a jeep (sabit) while his friend tries to catch up at Pasig.

girl sucking on arm mrt01 061712
A girl comforting herself by sucking at her arm on the MRT.

mrt mother and daughters 061712
A mother with her tres marias on the MRT.

mrt guy hanging on railing 061712
A man hanging on while waiting for the door to open on the MRT.

cafe breton trinoma girl taking a picture for customers 061712
And lastly, a Cafe Breton service crew taking a picture of some customers while I wait for you.


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