Monday, February 10, 2014

look up

I eventually went down the bus, though, as I saw the conductor was not going to fulfill his promise. I continued my walk.

A lot has changed in our surroundings. Open spaces are becoming more and more scarce. Space has to be maximized. Filled up, it seems, with only consumerist establishments.

The story would always go something like this: a place was once just full of grass. Talahiban lamang siya, but now, there is a mall or a subdivision where grass once was. Progress.

I tend to look up a lot nowadays. To cherish the sight of the sky and the clouds. Clouds are the new grass now, fewer and fewer to be seen. The talahiban, the sky? Yes, the sky would soon be gone and filling it up, to maximize space, will be the condominiums.


*Chinatown roofs with a worker

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