Saturday, March 5, 2011


Adarna House women at the 2010 Barlaya-2010 Workshop at Benilde

I was known as the guy with the camera at Adarna House, the company I used to work for. My office mates were used to me taking out my camera and snapping shots of them at odd moments. It was accepted.

It didn't come overnight though. It took some time getting used to this, for my office mates AND me. When the two of us were both comfortable with the roles of photographer and subject, it showed through the great shots I got with them, both for personal and professional use.

I guess for you and the streets, you have to do that, too. For the streets to get comfortable as your subject, you must also be comfortable (or just plain ready) with the role as photographer of its various facets and dwellers.


*The Adarna House girls waiting for that day to happen to start the 2010 Barlaya-2010 Workshop at Benilde.


  1. Beautiful composition, I love contrast of this shot ! Well done !

  2. Thanks, Kevin. This is a composite of three photos by the way. I was lucky with the natural lighting that time!

    Sylvain, you also have great silhouette shots on your recent posts. Kudos!