Tuesday, November 22, 2011

comfortably numb

old and young lady at ortigas mrt station

That is the challenge one faces, after witnessing things too much—may it be injustices, wrongdoings, or just plain rudeness—one must never be comfortably numb, never to react accordingly to matters one knows are not right.

As a matter of fact, we don't have to react all the time. We don't have to be heroes or martyrs for all things not right. One must simply acknowledge these, and one step has already been made to solving them.

For example, "poorism photos." I've been hearing a lot from you and your photography peeps about these kind of shots. I've heard everyone's sides, and true, one must never take these kind of photos for the sake of one's portfolio. But never to take these kind of photos because you are tired of them and there are other things to shoot seems kind of off-putting for me. Not to document the lives of impoverished people would not make the problem of poverty vanish. It would simply make us forget such a problem exists.


*Beggar at the stairs of Ortigas MRT station steps

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