Friday, November 11, 2011

the grid

missing sign at mrt

Living off the grid, that's the modern term for what you were talking about. It sounds so macho though, so Hollywood. Because of its military origins perhaps? Or the romanticized portrayal of men (and women) on the run, or not wanting to be found.

Yes, connectivity and information are most abundant these days, but still is limited to those who have access to the technology that supply them. For some, communication still comes in the simplest of forms, and sometimes—as has been through the years—given in the most desperate means.

So have they seen this kid yet?


*DIY Missing person sign at the MRT.


  1. is he really missing, or someone just put it as a prank? may nakita din ako ganyan onetime, marami na pala sila.

  2. Half serious, half prank? Para kasing nakita nang maraming photos, so may nagsulat gamit nung "missing." And if you'd notice, white-out pa ang gamit! :)