Wednesday, January 11, 2012

exile on mall street

kid whirling at trinoma landmark

The street used to be a family's outside house extension. Living room, dining room, guest room, playground, and comfort room all rolled into one. Lately though, it's the malls becoming everyone's new house extension: dining area, living room, guest room, study room, playground, church, hospital, sari-sari store, and palengke all rolled into one with a pinch of escapism and consumerism.

During the Spanish period, towns were made surrounding the seats of government and worship: The town hall and the Church. Today though, you'd see condominiums and townhouses made around malls, some even physically connected to them.

I decide not to think about what the next evolution of place would be after that, though. For a guy who works at home, I think I have my hands full enough already.


*Kid whirling around in front of Landmark in Trinoma

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