Thursday, January 26, 2012

My mind's view

Red ceiling of a jeepney


Mall employees during the Xmas rush


While traveling from Manila to Quezon City over the course of an afternoon, I pass by familiar sights. Once in a while, though, I notice something unexpected and feel the urge to take a photograph. For various reasons, I derive meanings from such shots, whether they be street photography, abstract, personal commentary, or otherwise.

As these photos are not long-term explorations on a subject-- not the photographic equivalent of essays, research papers or investigative reports -- does that render them mindless and simply to be dismissed? Does the fact that I create such images necessarily mean that I cannot, if I so choose, also "write" in-depth reports through my other photography projects?

Certainly, I don't think so. I've known lawyers who draft well-researched, compelling briefs, as well as compose verses on love and loss. I've known tough journalists who also write children's stories and other forms of fiction, prose, or poetry. There are civil servants who issue straight-forward reports, and yet reveal such depth and lyricism in their literary pursuits.

Visual language is still one that I am learning and exploring. Just as haiku poems and journalistic pieces can be written with the same hand and pen, I likewise choose to use my camera in various ways -- revealing and interpreting what I encounter, what my eyes see, and what my heart feels.


*Some photos taken on one December afternoon.


  1. ang gaganda ng mga litrato. Pwedeng pang malaliman kung susuriing maiigi. Pero maari ring intindihin kaagad kung nagmamadali. Di na kailangan magsulat ng photographer magkwento Ang husay sir. Aliw sa mata ko at isipan ang bawat litrato

  2. Maraming salamat sa komento, Joey Velunta! By the way, hindi ako "sir". Babae po ako. :) -Jo

  3. It's no problem. :) Common mistake. hehe.

  4. Nililito mo naman si Joey. Ako si Jordan, the wife. Si Jo ang husband ko :)

    1. nalilito nga po talaga ako. Minsan kapag nakita ko na Jo ang nakalagay akala ko typo hahaha. magkaiba pala talaga yung Jordan at Jo. hahaha

      Napapahanga lalo ako dahil iilan lang ang kakilala kong mag-asawa na nasa larangan ng paglilitrato.

    2. saka dapat nagbabasa ako ng "about" sa mga taong nasa likod nito hahaha.

  5. Just pulling your leg, joey. I'm the husband (Jordan), she's the wife (Jo).

    thanks for liking our blog! :)