Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Across the lines

Across the lines

You're right. The blur can suddenly become more clear, yielding those moments of everyday life which neither of us can ignore.

With our camera in focus, we are confronted by scenes that tug at our conscience, make us decry the status quo, and question our own actions (or inactions). Attempting to tell the stories of those around us -- even metaphorically, as the lines in this image suggest -- it becomes clear that visual story-telling is not enough, as we need to join with others in calling for fundamental change.

Never feigning neutrality, we must ultimately take a stance to be on the side of the powerless and oppressed -- through our photography or otherwise.


*The title is inspired by Tracy Chapman's song of the same name, with the lyrics:

Across the lines/
Who would dare to go/
Under the bridge/
Over the tracks/
That separates whites from blacks...

Here, one could add, "That separates rich from poor". This photo was taken on the steps of the Recto Ave. underpass in Manila.

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