Monday, September 27, 2010

A glance

A glance

At times, the world is a blur. People pass by, glance at your direction, and then quickly move on. Although I usually try to catch moments of meaning and significance, there are also those fleeting moments that are amorphous and never quite there. Such is modern life in a city of millions, where connecting with each other through technology has never been easier, but connecting in real time, through the hustle and bustle, has never been more difficult.



  1. What is a moment of meaning and significance??? :-0

    Maybe they are all worth equally but we are not always able to recognize them as such.

    I find those fleeting moments very interesting... a glance, a smile... by anonymous people in the streets. I guess it give humanity back in a metropolis.
    Although the lady in your pictures isn't exactly smiling at you ;-)

    Nice effect ! great picture.

  2. I guess you're right, Sidney -- every moment captured has its own particular meaning or significance. And yes, she was giving me a quizzical look. :)