Friday, September 3, 2010

Three sides

Three sides

As I’ve often said to you, I’m more of a writer and art appreciator of sorts. Visual expression was something relegated to the realm of childhood, as I focused on other activities through the years. For some reason, lately, I’ve become more interested in capturing images that are not mere snapshots or souvenirs (not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course). Admittedly, I’m almost like a child, delighting in photography, experimenting with our camera, and reacting so strongly to images created by those who I admire. This is something we do share together. So here we are, continuing our photo dialogue.

Some might wonder if your influence – as a graphic designer – on me is apparent in images like this one. You weren’t with me when I took this shot, so was it just unconsciously design-oriented on my part? I remember that I took this without thinking specifically about angles or shapes (if that makes any sense) and I just clicked when the three people were in the frame. Isn’t composition really about finding an arrangement that looks or feels right somehow, whether or not it follows some “rule”? Or it could be that all those graphic design and art books stacked up on our bookshelves have indeed started to seep into my consciousness.

If that’s true, I really don’t mind. :)



*This photo was taken on August 21 at the SM Mall of Asia during a 2-day workshop and photo walk organized by the Wide Open Workshops.


  1. Glad to see you and your husband having your own blog ! Looks very promising.
    Now the hard part... keep updating it ! :-)

  2. Thanks, Sidney! We'll try! :)