Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sweet dreams

Sweet dreams

I don't begrudge people the chance to catch a few winks whenever they can, especially in between the tiring work and difficulties that they endure. For instance, this man, who looks like a worker, was taking a nap outside of a 7-eleven convenience store along Recto Ave. in Manila. Napping allows for a bit of respite, a chance to rest and dream a bit -- maybe about the fantasy girl next to him?

Or perhaps about a decent wage and a life with fewer worries. Possibly, he doesn't even dream or forgets his dreams as soon as he wakes up.

Or like so many Filipinos, maybe he dreams about traveling the world and the seven seas. Are these sweet dreams? Or bittersweet?


*Alluding, of course, to the Eurythmics' song... you know, from your era. :)

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