Monday, January 24, 2011

The unreal

Bathing in artificial light

Maybe she was dreaming about her youth or about life as she knows it. Or she could have been dreaming about some otherworldly realm, like those found in science fiction novels or movies. One should not underestimate how fanciful even a lola can be.

Through tricks of light and movement, images can be created that don't mirror any reality that we know of. Images can seem like dreams, nightmares, faraway galaxies, or alternate realities -- evoking a sense of wonderment, as we try to decide what we are looking at. A photo, like this one, doesn't reveal any truths. It's part of what I also like about photography, that chance to experiment, play, and imagine. Not everything we see is what it seems.


*A boy bathing in a fountain of water and light at the Technohub in Quezon City.

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