Friday, June 10, 2011

Flowers at night

Flowers at night

You were with me when I took this photo of flowers at night, outside of SM North. I didn't have a tripod so you suggested that I rest the camera on a wall and take a long exposure shot. It took several tries before I got the shot that I wanted, but you were patient with me and stayed by my side.

Somehow, this shared love for photography, which became only apparent last year, has opened my eyes and mind to visual expression and has allowed me to understand, maybe a little bit better, your love for visual arts. It's telling that, with the both of us using our point-and-shoot camera so much last year, the G11's dials are now worn down and broken. Together, we made the most of that camera, a tool that we shared, appreciated, and really put to good use.

Years into our relationship, I'm glad that we can still surprise each other with our work and how we express ourselves. Despite those "whirlwinds" you mentioned and the other struggles we face, I hope we continue to learn together and keep finding those moments that make it so worthwhile.


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