Thursday, June 2, 2011

Layers of light and shadows

Layers of light and shadows

Lines of nature

You're right to an extent. In my case, I don't always have the urge to capture a scene or moment. But there are times when I feel so compelled that I have to reach for my camera or wish that I had one with me. Once in a while, it's almost like my camera has become an extension of me, a feeling that becomes stronger as I become less self-conscious about the camera and more focused on what I'm doing and seeing.

A few months back, I took these shots during a solitary hike through a desert canyon. With only my camera as company, I tried to pay attention to the light, shadows, designs, and lines in nature. While I did miss having a real companion, I realized that I could find comfort in this quiet, unfamiliar yet beautiful environment -- just by walking, listening, observing, and every so often, pressing the shutter.


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