Thursday, June 16, 2011

independence day

There's this Barbie's Cradle song that goes:

Independence day is not for me.
When I'm bound to you, I feel so free.

It's a romanticized mixed-signal line if you ask me. But the play on words is fun, (plus, OMG, it's Barbie Almalbis singing). I rather like Kahlil Gibran's take better, when he says that couples should be two islands: Together and near each other, but still having the sea between them so both are still independent. That Kahlil, how beautifully he writes about personal space, no?

And that line of thinking was put to good use when we were faced with the dillema of being invited to two weddings of our friends, both on the same day. Instead of choosing just one wedding to attend, we decided that each of us should represent. So I went to Manix's and Melay's (the logic being, Manix is an artist), and you went to Kat's and Erman's (they being photographers and you being one, too, right now).

True, we were apart, but by the end of the day, we are still together, and we get to share special moments from our friends' lives.

That, and compare photos, too.


manix-melay wedding-altar

manix-melay wedding-aisle kiss

manix-melay wedding-kule-boys

manix-melay wedding manix and jake

manix-melay wedding-kids playing

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