Wednesday, October 26, 2011

evil empire

the fort buildings

Long ago when we used to meet at Rockwell, I had this feeling that the isolated tall buildings there were of the "evil corporation" type. You know, the ones the hero has to go to in order to defeat the powerful, scheming villain who just so happens to be waiting inside along with his henchmen and the hero's captured love interest.

See, my mind has been wired on what a villain is supposed to be. They even have categories: The evil corporation, the military tyrant, the powerful dictator, the wealthy drug lord, the secret organization, the religious cult, the powerful politician, the fanatical muslim leader, the mad scientist, the invading alien race.

I for one though, think that bad people have learned from all the revolutions and uprisings that toppled their brethren. They hide in laws, rather than be outright evil in their actions.

The good thing is that the ones opposing them, the good guys, are also evolving in the fight.


*Buildings being constructed at Bonifacio Global City.

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