Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the saddest sound

woman playing solitaire with dog near ATM

I recently heard what, for me, is one of the saddest sounds in the world: the wails of a kitten, thrown into the street to fend for its own.

Scenes like this remind me of that passage in the bible where god assigns man as the caretaker of all animals in the world. Has man fulfilled this role? Looking back, it makes me realize how the Catholic Church's teachings are too man-centric. The kindness of men, the evils of men. Man's folly, doom, salvation. The list goes on. But does the Catholic Church have any statements on animal cruelty? Endangered species -- god's creations all, about to be forever lost in the world?


*Woman playing solitaire with her dog near an ATM at Roxas Blvd.

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