Saturday, October 8, 2011

How sweet the sound

How sweet the sound

I find it amazing to hear the sounds that birds make, which can be described in so many different ways: chirping, tweeting, cackling, even singing. I love hearing birds in our urban neighborhood -- their lovely, calming sounds which contrast with the roar of tricycle engines, and people talking, yelling, or singing (headache-inducing) videoke.

I wonder, though, how birds manage during the difficult, hot and rainy seasons we have.

The behavior of birds really does say much about the state of the world. I read recently how many bird species are shifting their migratory patterns due to habitat loss and the warming of the planet. As many experts point out, humans aren't the only species forced to adapt to climate change, yet human behavior contributes the most to this phenomenon and its onerous effects.

I hope that somehow birds and other species manage to adapt and survive. And I hope we humans drastically change our ways. It's hard to imagine a world so silent, without the sound of birds and other animals, like a foreboding scene in a film or novel. Which is why, when I take photographs of wildlife, I wonder at the temporal quality of their beauty. Just as with so much that we photograph, we are documenting something that has already passed and will surely change, whether we like it or not.


*Taken during a hike in a desert canyon

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