Monday, January 21, 2013

near/far (wherever you are)

tree branch silhouettes touching

All talk about communication in our age would always come to the part of reminiscing what it was years ago. Phone lines that took years to acquire, long distance calls that cost an arm and a leg, letters that are handwritten, stamps that need to be licked at the back, electric signals of various progressions, men in horses riding like the wind. Smoke with varying colors and shapes.

What will the future bring? What new means of "getting in touch" will there be that would make texting, skyping and twitter nostalgia fodder? Telepathy perhaps? Teleportation? Clones meant to fill in for you whenever you are away, their memories downloadable afterwards for you to be there after the fact?

How will it compare to two trees trying to keep in touch through their branches even though they are far apart?


*Tree branch silhouettes at UP Diliman.

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