Sunday, February 12, 2012

Light and discovery


For sure, I need more pins, Jordan. And a thicker skin.

Achuete in pottery

Despite any bubbles bursting, if there's one thing that keeps me fascinated with photography, it's my love for light and discovery. Like this unplanned still of achuete in pottery, which I photographed at my uncle's house in 2010. Here, I happened to notice an intense, isolated shaft of light falling onto this scene. By experimenting with the camera settings, I tried to make the most of how the light brought out the colors and textures of the achuete flowers and the clay pot. And I had to be quick, as that late afternoon light was fleeting and gone within minutes.

This was a revelation for me, as I realized that in photography, moments have to be seized, images created, and opportunities recognized. Usually all at once. As the creative process has become a mode of discovery -- not only about what is around me, but also about myself -- I've come to appreciate and look deeper into photography as visual storytelling. And for every story told, I still look forward to that special light and discovery.


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