Tuesday, October 5, 2010

shoot the message

See, I have had past experiences with Security Guards. Shangri-la Mall didn't use to allow people wearing slippers inside. Or in my situation, Alfombras.

Oh I argued, I reasoned out, but I was still a High School kid, still couldn't muster that much bluster. So I just went in the Grocery area where the security guard was more lenient and proceeded to hang around the front entrance so the security guard who didn't allow me inside could see me sip my Tall, 7-11 Pineapple juice drink.

I've grown since then, matured you might say, and understood that they are only following instructions. Which is why it was good for you to point out that the one at fault here is the management.

Now? I shoot forbidden sunsets at Shangri-la's upstairs veranda.


*Sunset after a hard downpour at Shangri-La.

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