Saturday, October 30, 2010

A light step

A light step

Me, too! I'm looking forward to the photowalk later today. During the last one, I enjoyed playing with the elements of light and geometry, looking out for interesting people and stories, and letting myself just click away. Like your photo of the Jollibee mascot crossing the street, the odd and unpredictable may be just around the corner.

I've come to realize that street photography (and maybe photography in general) is also about being patient and yet still ready for anything -- as sometimes, the spontaneous occurs, merging with the design elements, and bringing a touch of magic (for lack of a better word and in the spirit of Halloween. haha.) to a scene. And when that happens, I hope to goodness I'll be quick enough to catch it.


*A photo taken at the Mall of Asia during a street photography workshop organized by Wide Open Workshops.

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