Thursday, October 28, 2010

Street chess

Street chess

As you know, I love street photography for those moments that reveal so much about life around us. Like your photo of the girl with the spiders. Like these kids playing chess right on the street. Upon closer look, these images are not simply photos of children; these are stories about the kinds of lives they live, the places where they play, and the games they enjoy -- which, like the betting and the spider fights, mimic those of the adults around them.

When I took this photo, I realized that these children were playing chess outdoors, without tables and chairs, because their cramped homes are without good ventilation. And maybe, the girl at the corner wanted to play, too, but the boys were absorbed in their long chess match and didn't pay her any attention.

This speaks to me of the complexities of childhood, not idealized or simply looked upon with nostalgia.


An excellent way to immerse in street photography is being offered by Wide Open Workshops ( The video below says it all. :)

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