Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Street crossing at sunset

Yeah, I also took a shot. We had just crossed the street when I noticed a potential shot, although I'm not so keen on the result.

Here, at least, no security guard was pestering you with the claim that photography is prohibited. That happened when we were on the overpass above North Ave., between the two malls, and you were photographing the sunset as it dipped down behind Edsa. Apparently, some mall management directive prohibits photographing "private buildings" without permission, but security guards are told that this applies -- supposedly -- to any photography, even if far away from the malls and even if the mall buildings are not in the shot. Good thing you handled the situation well by insisting on your rights.

How absurd that taking shots of sunsets, a most common subject of photography, is being denied to us. In the name of security, these unimaginative hacks treat photographers as threats, but fail to consider how easy it is to discretely photograph any building using a cellphone camera. They should stop harassing photographers and do their jobs with a little more common sense.


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