Friday, October 29, 2010

The machine and desire

The machine and desire

That tradition you mentioned continues, as it's a normal sight to see kids scrambling to take "baths" in the rain or swim in the most unlikely (and unsanitary) of waters. Unfortunately, their eagerness to enjoy themselves, as generations of kids have done in the past, is marred by the heavy pollution in the rivers, seas, flood waters, and even the rainfall.

And yet kids are exposed to pollutants of many kinds -- some of which are less obvious. The cheap plastic toys and all the ads that target children are also forms of pollution, as shown in this glimpse of mall culture, where the desire for plastic toys and instant gratification is created in brightly-lit machines.

For sure, adults are just as vulnerable to this pollution. Look at all the things we buy (plastic or otherwise) that we don't actually need. And the "essential" tools we do need are not durable or quickly become obsolete (like cellphones and computers). Some are even made with toxic materials that we expose ourselves to every day.

In a way, we are like those girls swimming happily in polluted flood waters. And maybe we're just as naive.


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