Thursday, October 28, 2010

street pool

Ondoy-Taguig-street03, originally uploaded by rjordanpsantos.

In Taguig, when I was young, our streets were our swimming pools, too.

When it rained that is. Oh, during tropical rain disasters, too.

I miss saying to my Mom "'Nay, ligo lang ako sa baha, ha." (Mom, I'll just take a dip in the flood, okay?) It's the kind of thing to say as a kid when those kind of catastrophes happen.

And these girls are just continuing that fun, but gross tradition.


*Street by my parents' house a few days after Ondoy.
** Again, taken with our Canon PowerShot A620 when it was a bit wonky after the wife took a shot of the recent Solar eclipse WITHOUT ANY FILTER :)

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