Wednesday, October 20, 2010

that familiar feeling

brown-man-revival, originally uploaded by rjordanpsantos.

Music doesn't have that much impact for me as it did before. Sadly, it's due to technology, which has made accessibility -- both legal and illegal -- much easier.

Gone is the surprise your band has a new album.

Gone is the anxiety of when the last album copy was sold to that hipster dude.

Gone is the appreciation of knowing you saved money for that Smashing Pumpkins double album.

Gone is the attachment you have listening to that album over and over again since the other albums you want aren't available in the country, and the Japanese version sold at that hipster store is just plain robbery.

The challenge is to find greatness, those memorable moments we may overlook due to the countless possibilities available to us.


*Brownman Revival lead singer doing his rasta thing at 70's Bistro


  1. Nice effect !
    Yes... it is a fast world.

  2. Thanks Sidney. This was me taking advantage of the low light, and long shutter speed our camera was only capable of :)